About Us

Our Brand

Fxded is a brand that is bold and not afraid to make a statement!

Our Aim

To show the world we can be safe and still look good doing it, with our protective face shield line from; Fxded.eyewear.

Our Mission

To convey beauty and unique styles, so you can feel free expressing yourselves through fashion without judgement, ready to live your best life.

Our Story

Fxded is more than just a brand. We embody confidence and setting new trends that will inspire all our customers to look and feel amazing!

Fxded.eyewear was created during the Covid-19 pandemic.
Facing such difficult and uncertain times of our era not knowing what normal life would look like after lockdown, the idea of releasing our brand of fashionable sunglasses face shields was manifested, providing a cool way we could remain safe keeping our eyes, nose and mouth protected.

We all have been waiting for this summer to drop, ladies getting ready for a ‘Hot Girl Summer’ and the fella’s with a ‘Fresh Trim’ ready to touch road, but no one really wants to be confined to wearing a material face mask. That’s why Fxded.eyewear – Sunglasses Face Shield, is the must have for the summer.

Company Name: FXDED LTD
Email: info@fxded.co.uk
Company Register: Company House (England and Wales)
Company Registration Number: 13374022
Country: United Kingdom